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Project Overview

Discover the Blu was a project we had the privilege of working on from its inception. When the founders came to us with their concept, we were very excited to combine our expertise with our love for the Maltese Islands. From the outset, we immersed ourselves in understanding their mission and vision, which is to ignite a passion for the underwater world. We crafted a compelling brand story that highlighted their commitment to providing unparalleled diving experiences and promoting marine conservation. Our team meticulously developed a striking logo and colour palette inspired by the ocean's natural beauty, ensuring that every visual element reflected what Discover the Blu is all about.

In addition to the visual components, we designed a comprehensive marketing strategy to establish 'Discover the Blu' as a leader in the scuba diving community. With the help of the brains behind the company, we created a user-friendly website, rich with engaging content and stunning imagery, to captivate potential customers and provide them with all the information needed to dive into their next adventure. By integrating these elements seamlessly, we helped 'Discover the Blu' build a brand that resonates deeply with both seasoned divers and newcomers eager to explore the ocean's depths.


Discover the Blu


UI Design
Web Design



Discover the Blu,
A Journey into the depths of our world.

Digital Branding on Social Platforms

In such a highly saturated market, our goal was to make Discover the Blu stand out from the rest by giving the brand a unique identity which has the ability to remain consistent across all social media platforms, attract audiences and foster customer trust and loyalty.


Creating the website for 'Discover the Blu' presented a unique challenge due to the extensive range of services and diverse offerings they provide. The sheer volume of information required careful organisation and thoughtful design. By collaborating closely with the founders of the company, we were able to gain a deep understanding of their priorities and vision. This partnership allowed us to develop a cohesive and intuitive website that effectively showcases

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