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Fortune favours
the bold.

Plan your next move. Elevate your brand with Boldbishop®

We’re a boutique
creative agency with the
boldest passion towards
building engaging
brands that last.


Boldbishop is a boutique creative agency run by a multi-talented team of disruptive specialists with over 25 years of industry experience. Packing a 360 suite of creative services, we empower your brand to cut through the noise, stand out from the crowd and connect with customers again and again


We build brands from the ground up. We craft brand identities that stick and dream up high-concept ideas that we bring to life through eye-catching design, photography and video. We even handle more nuts-and-bolts work like web development, SEO and social media management. Our agency is designed to take care of all your creative and marketing needs so that you’re free to focus on your business.

Astute Advisors

We listen to your specific needs, plan ingenious solutions, and implement end-game strategies that put your brand on the map.

Savant Storyteller

On colossal billboard ads, through snappy Insta posts, or whatever the medium. We’re experts at capturing brand stories in ways that ignite the imagination and move the needle.

Blue-Sky Thinkers

Our tight-knit team of uber-cool
new-school creatives are crackerjack at subverting expectations and blazing
off-the-beaten-track trails.


Newness is fleeting in the digital age. We draw from an endless pool of eureka ideas guaranteed to keep your brand ahead of the curve and the competition.


Our Capabilities

Bolster your brand with a forward-thinking marketing strategy that’s as versatile and on-the-fly as a trusty Swiss Army Knife.

Branding Strategies
Brand Identity
Business Consultancy
Employer Branding
Brand Ambassador

Boost your online reach through killer content designed to immerse audiences in your brand’s story.

Design & Illustration
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Campaigns
Digital Advertising 
Campaign Creation
Social Media 

Arm your business with a super sleek website powered with intuitive UI, engaging UX and lightning-fast performance.

Design & Development
UI/UX Design

Captivate your target audience with high-impact motion graphics that communicate big ideas with simplicity and style.

Motion Design
Commercial Ads
3D Design & Visualisation
Character Creation

Cause a sensation with a flawlessly organised, one-of-a-kind event designed to thrill audiences and spark conversations.

Corporate Events
VIP Experiences
Brand Launches
VVIP Exclusive Events
Event Marketing


Some friends we’ve made along the way


Some friends we’ve made along the way

We’d love to partner upbuildtalk

Looking for collaboration? Send an email to for available enquires and collaborations.

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