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Project Overview

Our team took great pride in being part of creating and building the Mr Vindalu brand from its conception through an immersive journey with the client marked by innovation, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail. Our involvement commenced by understanding the clients’ vision, aspirations, and objectives. These initial discussions formed the foundation of our process as we crafted the comprehensive brand identity from scratch. We conceptualised the name “Mr. Vindalu,” encapsulating the essence of the restaurant’s offerings: a fusion of traditional Indian spices with a modern twist.

Throughout the entire process, we maintained open lines of communication, regularly touching base with the client at every milestone. Collaborating closely with Mr. Vindalu’s team ensured that our creative direction aligned seamlessly with their goals and aspirations. It was imperative for us to incorporate their feedback and insights at every step, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that fueled the project’s success.


Mr. Vindalu





Digital Branding on Social Platforms

Our strategy was to tease potential patrons with product shots and all the main hero images that portray the essence of Mr.Vindalu - creating the concepts, moodboards and directing the shoot, that captured the spirit of each dish and made viewers look no further for a tasty meal.

The restaurant branding was another integral part of our collaboration, extending digital to the physical space. We envisioned an immersive dining experience, from the ambiance to the menu presentation, ensuring that every touchpoint reflected the unique fusion concept of Mr. Vindalu.


The logo was designed to intertwine Indian heritage with contemporary aesthetics, serving as the visual anchor for the brand. Additionally, our team built a website that not only showcased the restaurant’s menu but also reflected its unique ambiance, as well as making it easy for visitors to reserve a table using our on-page reservation system.

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