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Project Overview

If anyone is interested in podcasting, they know about ‘The Podcast Show’, which takes place in London and is the biggest podcasting conference to take place in the world of podcasting, welcoming podcasters and listeners from all over the globe. Our work began with ensuring the logo is supported with a distinctive and memorable brand image that captures the essence of the dynamic and rapidly evolving podcasting industry. We designed modern and vibrant assets, along with a cohesive visual identity that resonates with podcast enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Our team also developed eye-catching signage for the event, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience from the moment attendees arrived.

In addition to the visual branding, we took charge of the media presence and interview coordination for 'The Podcast Show.' On-site, we managed a series of high-profile interviews with leading podcasters and industry experts, providing valuable content and insights for both attendees and the broader podcasting community. Our comprehensive approach not only elevated the brand of 'The Podcast Show' but also solidified its position as a must-attend event in the podcasting calendar.


The Podcast Show





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