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Project Overview

We looked after the comprehensive rebranding of Tigne Beach, enhancing its identity with a fresh colour scheme and palette that reflects its coastside location. We meticulously designed new menus, engaging social media posts, and eye-catching signage, ensuring a cohesive and inviting brand experience. This revitalization not only refreshed the beach club’s image but also strengthened its connection with patrons, making Tigne Beach a standout destination for relaxation and enjoyment ahead of the summer season and beyond.


Tigné Beach


Digital Designs



Colour Palette

Brand Identity Mockups

To ensure the client gets the clearest idea of what the brand will look like beyond the screen, we created detailed brand identity mockups showcasing how the brand would appear across various applications and textures. These mockups included representations on print materials, merchandise, and signage, providing a comprehensive visual guide. This allowed our clients to fully envision and understand the cohesive look and feel of their rebranded identity, ensuring alignment with their vision and expectations.

Digital Branding on Social Platforms

Together with the clients, we crafted a series of strategic social media posts to build anticipation for the new brand launch, announce the official launch, and maintain a consistent visual identity across all platforms. These posts featured engaging visuals that reflected the new brand’s aesthetic, generating excitement and engagement among followers. Post-launch, we continued to reinforce the rebrand with consistent imagery and messaging, ensuring a cohesive and recogniasable presence across all social media channels.

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