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Project Overview

The Dance Island is a brand that we created from the ground up. From brand name origination and creation, website development to execution of all campaigns, artworks and signage to date.

Once we established what the brand stands for and who the target audience is, we developed an identity that not only represents the people behind the brand, but also the audiences who will seek it out and feel part of it. The Dance Island is not only a service, but an experience, and this is what we set-out to communicate. The adaptability of the brand means that whether it is placed on merchandise or used across a variety of themed events, it will equally stand out and fit right in. The Dance Island is now at the forefront of the industry and any seasoned partygoer’s one-stop guide to all things clubbing in Malta.


The Dance Island


UI Design
Photoshoot Artworks



Website Design

We designed an engaging website for The Dance Island, tailored to attract a young, international audience that features vibrant visuals and user-friendly navigation to appeal to those looking to explore a new country, meet new people, and create unforgettable memories.

Branding & Merchandise

We were also entrusted with all the branding, signage and merchandising of The Dance Island which allowed us to continue developing and exploring the brand whilst encompassing all aspects of their visual identity. Our work included designing a wide range of merchandise such as bags, lanyards, flags, t-shirts, wristbands, and street seller stand designs. Each item was crafted to reflect the vibrant and energetic spirit of The Dance Island, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand experience for their young, international audience.

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