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Project Overview

Brass House Unit is an exciting re-brand that we had the pleasure of working on and continue to manage to date. Since BHU was already an established name amongst audiences in Malta, we wanted to ensure that the brand remained what the people knew and loved, that is, a unified musical experience executed to perfection.

Professionalism, expertise and style are three elements we focused on whilst developing the brand identity, designing and developing the website, photoshoot management and execution, merchandise design and printing as well as social media curation and management.


Brass House Unit


UI Design



Digital Branding on Social Platforms

With a brand like Brass House Unit, it was important for us to showcase the variety of work they do, from weddings to headlining shows, to international gigs. The main focus was to remain on the music and the experience that they provide. By consistently producing engaging content and interacting with followers, we revitalised their social media presence, significantly boosting brand awareness and customer engagement. Our efforts ensured that Brass House Unit's redefined identity was effectively communicated across all digital platforms.


We built a sleek, user-friendly website for Brass House Unit that effectively showcased their newly rebranded identity. The intuitive design and streamlined navigation made it easy for visitors to find information quickly, resulting in a significant increase in inquiries and conversions. This polished online presence played a crucial role in enhancing the brand's visibility and customer engagement.

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